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Nerd to the Third Power – 108: Muppets Most Wanted

This week the gang sits down and talks about the last Muppet movie, Muppets Most Wanted. Does it hold up to the Muppet standard or was their return a flash in the pan? Opening music by Plasma3Music – MP3 Download

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Nerd to the Third Power – 107: Chikara Wrestling’s Dasher Hatfield!

This week, Chikara Wrestling’s Dasher Hatfield tells us about his time in the biz! Find out more at: Download link: Opening music by Plasma3Music –

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Nerd to the Third Power – 2013 Golden Bacon Awards

We look back on 2013 and pick the best and worst in video games, movies, comics, anime and Tabletop games. Join us as we celebrate the highs of the last year, and bemoan the lows! Download this episode’s Mp3 here

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